When The Shifts Change

When The Shifts Change

5 Episodes

COVID-19 paralysed the the city that never sleeps in unimaginable ways - keeping those usually in the skyscrapers at home and those providing essential services on the streets. Follow nine New Yorkers as they navigate the highs and lows of being essential workers hearing their self-recorded confessionals before and after their working shifts would change.

When The Shifts Change
  • Hello My Name Is

    Episode 1

    We meet our Essential 8: Neiko, sanitation worker; Eric, subway conductor; Angelica, maternity nurse; Brad, letter carrier; Carlos, concierge; Syed, a doctor; Tom and Ally both intensive care unit nurses.

  • Zoom Funeral

    Episode 2

    Ally gets cursed and spat on and Brad faces discrimination. Tom supports a grieving co-worker and Neiko disinfects everything.

  • Man's Best Friend

    Episode 3

    Manny, a police officer recovers from COVID-19 and joins the cast. Eric shares his greatest fear. Angelica fails to comfort a COVID positive mother. Tom struggles being separated from his family. Carlos shares how he's managed social isolation.

  • Likes for Diapers

    Episode 4

    Syed talks protest and whispers "I love you." Ally hears a symphony of medical machines and Angelica works on a newborn ward with no diapers. Neiko reminds us New Yorkers do not want to be told what to do. Manny talks about the crime happening behind closed doors.

  • Rainbow

    Episode 5

    Tom misses his sons' birthdays. Manny drops off Angelica at work where she and Ally don't stop believing. Eric wonders if it was all worth it. Brad shares about a special 7pm shift change celebration.